Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week 3 Post ACL Surgery

Today we had our check up two weeks after surgery. The office was very busy, so we sat there for a while, but Nehi never minds hanging out, so it wasn't a problem. The only issue was keeping Nehi from socializing and getting over excited.
Dr. Grossman says she's doing great, and she didn't give them any trouble when they took her into the back to check her range of motion.
I did have a couple of concerns:
  • Nehi is doing her hunger strike crap again, now that she's not getting wet food to hide her pills in. However, it's gone on much longer this time than last time, so I'm a little worried. 
  • She's getting up on the couch okay, but not on the bed (which is only a few inches higher). He said she'd get there, just give her a month and she'd be getting up there.
  • She's seemed a little listless. This, combined with the not eating worries me. The last couple of days are actually the first time she seems more like herself. He said this was normal- two surgeries in a couple of months is a lot. She's recovering, probably still in some pain, and he says not to worry.
So, for the not eating, he said we had a couple of options. We could give her medicine to make her feel better, and maybe this would lead to her feeling like eating. I could change her food, maybe get her interested in her food. I could put her back on some wet food. He said he gives Jessa one can of wet in the morning, and then dry in the evening, so nothing wrong with that. I told him I'd prefer to start out with trying some canned food (we put her on j/d for joint health) and changing her dry food. If next week we were still having a problem, we could try the medicine. I really prefer not to medicate her if I can avoid it.
So, I spent $100 on new wet and dry food (A Bison and Sweet Potato mix). I tried first with just the new dry food. Nehi sniffed it, but wasn't interested. So I added the wet food. She ate the wet food and left the dry food. But at least she ate, so I guess that's something.

I guess I just need to listen to Dr. Grossman, and trust what he's saying. She's doing great, and the rest will come. It's just been a hard couple of months. Fingers crossed that she continues to do well and continues to eat.

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