Saturday, July 14, 2012

Going into week 4 of post ACL

This past Tuesday, Dr. Grossman said Nehi was doing great, and he'd see her in two weeks. He cleared her for going up and down stairs, as well as exercising a little more.
Nehi had a really hard time with the stairs the first time- a little scary, actually, she would just stop on a stair, sort of spread out. As of yesterday though, while slow, she did okay going up, and went well (although too fast for my taste) down the stairs. I've gotten a no-skid bath mat for the bottom of the stairs so she doesn't hurt herself coming down off the stairs too fast.

Another big step- Nehi chowed down on her breakfast today with no wet food!

On other fronts- I still have a few concerns. Nehi still won't get up on the bed, even though it's only a few inches higher than the couch which she gets on all the time. I asked her trainer- because I'm concerned that Nehi is now scared of the bed, since she slipped a couple of weeks ago getting up. Her trainer said that if Nehi had always slept with me, then the only thing that would stop her is if she's still in pain. So, I'm trying to be patient. She said to try and use food to get her up onto the bed. I've tried treats she likes, rawhides, nothing works. She'll stretch a little, get the treat, but won't get on the bed. Her trainer said to give her a couple more weeks to heal, and keep trying with the food. I'll do that, but I'm still a little worried that Nehi isn't getting up because she's scared, and not injured. I guess time will tell. But I miss having my bebe with me at night.
Her energy level is still pretty low. She used to get very excited about walks. I would barely touch the leash and she'd come running. Now, it takes a lot of coaxing to get her to come, if she'll come at all. A lot of times, she won't even get off the couch.
Once I get her walking, she's doing well. We're going a little further every time. I'm concerned that because walking is rehab (and therefore a little painful) she's trying to avoid it. I'm not letting her, but I don't want her to develop an aversion to something she used to love. The other day, I even made her walk in the rain- as it's been raining off and on all week here. I was a little worried when we got back, as the tile I have in most of the house is very slippery when wet. Fortunately (or not?) she was content to just lay on the couch, soaking wet. So my couch smelled like wet dog.
As with the other things, I guess I have to hope that as she feels better, she'll start liking the things she used to. It's been a really hard couple of months, and I know that we've had a near perfect scenario- good recovery time, not having to towel walk her, great doctors. It's just really hard. The stress on me, and on her, because it's been two months since she felt well, and I know that's gotta wear on her. It's hard to know when to push her, and when to let her be.
Time will tell, and I guess I just have to be patient. Cause I'm so good at that!

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