Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ACL Reset- Week 1

I got to bring Nehi home today.
All the front desk ladies were very sweet, and I know that's one thing that makes all of this easier on me- I never worry about the quality of care that Nehi receives at Roanoke Island Animal Clinic.
Dr. Grossman says the surgery went great- if possible, even better than the first one. I asked about whether I should be worried about stress on the other surgery leg, but he said that by the time scar tissue formed, it was pretty steady, so I shouldn't have to worry.
I was worried that she would have a hard time getting in the truck with both legs, but she did okay. As soon as we got home, she tried several spots on the floor, but couldn't seem to get comfortable. Finally, she settled in her crate, and slept for a few hours. She roused to go sit in the sun a little, but it's freaking hot outside, so she soon retreated to the cool tile, and is sleeping soundly.

Here's Our Routine for Week 1 Post Op:
  • Rimadyl and antibiotics twice a day. Nehi loves this because the antibiotics have to be taken with food, and the only way to make sure Nehi does this is to hide it in wet food. I've never seen her eat so fast!  I hate it because I don't think dog food should smell the same going in as it does coming out. I practically throw up cleaning the yard. I must really love my dog.
  • Lock Down: no nothing. No stairs, no having fun, no walks, no nothing. She gets to lay down. That's it. Baby gate has gone back up on the stairs going upstairs, so no visiting the kitties either.
  • With Nehi, I have to watch the bandages. She hates bandages. Last time, she chewed the Ace bandage in half trying to get it off. This time, I'm keeping a close eye on her with it. The longer she can keep the compression bandage on, the better. For now, she doesn't have the cone of shame on, but if she starts on the bandage, I'm going to put the neck brace on her. I really want to get her to her week 1 check up with the bandage still on. Although Dr. Grossman did say that if it fell off not to stress about it.

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