Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Updates on Nehi's ACL

So, the problem I'm having this week has to do with reference. I don't know what Nehi's incision should look like. I don't know if her constantly laying on that leg is bad. I don't know. I'm supposed to take her back for her two week check up on Friday. But I'm such a worry-wart mom that I wonder if I'm messing up her recovery by not taking her now.

She was feeling much better the past couple of days, so she's been whining a lot because I won't let her go outside to play. I'm sticking to my instructions and restricting her to the house/inside. When she's in the house, she's mostly sleeping on the bed, or the couch. But she's sleeping ON her incision, and I don't know if that's bad or not. She seemed to move better Monday than yesterday. Monday she was placing her weight on the leg, and walking fine. Yesterday she was alternating with putting weight on it and not.
She's crated during the day, not licking it and not running around, so I guess my concern is her laying on the incision is doing it harm.

I've tried Googling what "good" post-op  ACL incisions look like, but the info out there seems to be mainly what to do as an owner post-op, rather than how to tell if you're an awful mother.
This site was helpful, because as much as I love my vet, received no written instructions. This vet's site gave specific expectations of what each week should bring:
Still, I'm a visual person- which I had some pictures to side by side compare with Nehi- I really do work myself into a fit about whether or not I'm doing the right thing. Yet more proof that human children would kill me.
This website was helpful for people's personal stories of their dog's ACL surgeries and recoveries, but still not what I was looking for.

I suppose I'll split the difference: call the vet at lunch, see what they say, and go from there. Oy.
I know I probably make myself sick with stress about this. But, well that's me.

P.S The vet's office says Nehi laying on her incision is fine, that if it hurt her she wouldn't do it. She said swelling was normal- "Pink and puffy was fine, red and swollen was not". The English teacher in me wanted to point out that is semantics and now would have me arguing with myself over what the difference between pink and red was, as well as puffy vs. swollen. Double Oy. Can I just go home now? I could easily argue that Nehi needs me more than my students.

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