Saturday, December 17, 2011

College Life?

I got asked at my last post-observation conference when I was making the move to college teaching. This got me thinking. Mom always said that she saw me eventually on an ivy covered campus teaching. I don't know about the ivy, but the idea of making the move to teaching college definitely appeals to me.
Here's my positive affirmation list:
  1. More and more colleges (not just community colleges) aren't requiring PhDs, but instead are accepting just Masters with online experience, or teaching experience.
  2. I have two Masters degrees, one in education and one in English literature, which HAS to count for something.
  3. I have ten years of teaching experience, plus one of online teaching.
  4. I've presented for two years at SAMLA and chaired a panel this past year.
  5. My first book review will be published next month in The Journal of Folklore Research: Reviews.
  6. I couldn't be any more involved at my school with committees and service.
  7. I'm a rockstar in an interview.
And because I'm a realist, here are the negatives...
  1. I don't have a PhD.
  2. I'm not published.
  3. I don't have post-secondary teaching experience.
  4. I don't have the support of a network.
What I do have is a growing list of questions:
  1. Is post-secondary teaching experience really necessary if I have other qualifications? Is there any wriggle room in these requirements? Or, would my other qualifications be accepted in lieu of this?
  2. Does my lack of publication hurt me?
  3. For someone in my position, do I care if the position is a lecturer, or a renewable contract assistant professorship without tenure?
  4. Where would I want to go? For what situation am I willing to uproot my life? In this economy?
  5. How the hell does this process work? I know we're smack in the middle of the hiring season (I hear) but how quickly do you hear if you made the first round of cuts? Does it make a difference if it's an online application that goes to HR or if it's directly addressed to the search committee chair? Is an interview the next step, or a campus visit? How quickly after that do you hear something?
I only have one friend in a PhD program, and she's not at the job hunting stage yet. I don't really have anyone else I could ask. I have a couple of college professors I probably could ask, but I don't want to be a bother, especially when I'll probably be bugging them later for recommendations. While I enjoyed my masters programs, neither provided much support with this type of thing. My pick up class at ECU was where I learned all of this professional interaction stuff, and I still feel lost.
This is WAY out of my comfort zone. And for now, just all musings on paper.

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