Sunday, July 17, 2011

Torchwood Obsessed

So this past week I've spent immersed in the world of Torchwood. And wondering how I missed this. I think it was because the one episode I caught was "Countrycide" and my reaction was the same as to "Train Job"- what is this?
I zoomed through Season 1 and then discovered I was all screwed up timeline wise wih Dr. Who. And the fanboys let me down as no where on the Interweb was a complete list of a viewing order. So, for all mankind, here you go:

Dr. Who episodes-
Unquiet Dead 1:3
Aliens of London 1:4 and World War Three 1:5 (necessary episodes to understand Boom Town)
The Empty Child 1:9
The Doctor Dances 1:10
Boom Town 1:11
Bad Wolf 1:12
The Parting of Ways 1:13

Tooth and Claw 2:2
Army of Ghosts 2:12 and Doomsday 2:13 (shows what happened to Torchwood London)

Torchwood Season 1
Dr. Who Runaway Bride 3:1 then Utopia 3:11, Sound of Drums 3:12 and Last of the Time Lords 3:13

Torchwood Season 2
Dr. Who The Stolen Earth 4:12 and Journey Home 4:13

Torchwood Season 3 (Children of Earth)
Dr. Who The End of Time movie

Torchwood Miracle Day

So there's my contribution to humanity for the day. Am still trying to get ahold of the radio plays to see where those figure in. Also think I'm missing the Dr. Who episode that comes before season 1 where the doctor loses his hand.

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