Friday, April 9, 2010

Nehi's Spring Break

Nehi has had a fabulous Spring Break. Here's how it went:
Mom not only is off for Spring Break, but she brought friends! There was this puppy that came with the red head. His name is Diesel and I spend most of the first day chasing him around the yard. I figured he just had to be pestered into playing. He finally got into it.

It turns out I am very good at playing. Diesel was funny, he would go and lay down like he was tired, but I knew he was just faking and REALLY wanted me to just go jump on him. So I did. He kept looking at his mom, and I just know that he was trying to tell her how much fun he was having. I learned that even though we were the same size, it was lots of fun to pin Diesel to the ground. Mommy and Diesel's Mommy laughed a lot and cheered us on. I'm sure Diesel was joking when he would make pathetic faces at his mom.
I didn't like when Mommy went out with Diesel's mom. It hardly seemed fair that Diesel got to play around the house while I was stuck in my crate. Diesel gets right up on the couch with his mom, but he didn't realize that the couch is mine, or at least the top half. I was nice though, I shared.

Diesel didn't like to share much, but I kept trying to teach him by showing him my toys. I even let him eat my food. I don't think he got it, but he was nice. It was so nice to have someone to torture, I mean play with for two whole days! When Diesel and his mom left I slept, because I was very, very tired. I slept for three whole days. I barely got up to do anything, and Mommy laughed at me a lot. I don't know why, but I was too tired to care.
The rest of Spring Break has been fun too, Diesel was just the beginning.
Mom planted 6 baby rose plants that she paid over $100 for and I took great delight in digging them up. Until she put that yucky red powder on them. Spoilsport.
Mom likes to get up on days off and quietly drink her coffee outside since she's not a morning person. I had to let her know that wasn't acceptable. Sometimes it takes several minutes of loud barking before she realizes we are supposed to be going for our morning walk and coffee can wait.
I like having Mom home. We got for our walk, spend all day outside although I occasionally have to bark loudly in her face so that she'll realize it's time to play with the soccer ball. Then we usually go for a bike ride at night, although the bike makes it hard to go after squirrels.
Mom planted pretty fruit trees and it's fun to knock the flowers off the cherry tree.
It's been very nice but very hot. Mom thought I might want some ice cubes, but I liked the plate she put them on more...

I'm ignoring the fact that she goes back to school Monday.

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