Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tax money and the to do list

Federal tax money came in this week. And it immediately led my eye to the to do list for the house. What could I afford to do now? What did I need to sock money aside for? So here's the potential list...

$400-renew home warranties (because if I don't, the water heater will break. Thanks Murphy!)
$150-finish mulching yard border
$300-buy plants for rain garden and mulch (although I was told this week that I can apply for a grant for this, so maybe this should go a little further down the list)
$3000?-put money aside for tiling this summer (this also requires me to start getting quotes on how much it will cost)
$75-buy a maple tree to plant in the front yard celebrating one year in the house
$600-get built in shelves built around the bar
$50-blinds in the bedroom. The curtains are pretty, but block all sunlight- yuck
$200-rain barrels (the North Carolina Coastal Federation has them for sale, but I need to see if I can't just find 50 gallon plastic barrels. The design isn't much different from the dry ice machine and I did 4 of those!)
$75-build Nehi a sandbox and train her to dig there and not all over the yard

Later this spring: Once county supplement comes in?
-replace vent seals
-repair screens
-side fencing for climbing plants
-seed the yard (it's turning out to be a little difficult to find White Dutch Clover seeds...)

Most are smallish projects and I'm hoping to try and get one done a weekend. The bigger ones I have to prioritize. Tiling while we're gone this summer is at the top of the list and if all the price quotes are too high and I can't do it this summer, then that frees up some of that to get smaller projects done. I really hope I can afford it though, because it will be infinitely easier to do while we're gone versus having to go stay somewhere while it's done.

Well, the sun's out and I have to go teach Saturday school, so the to do list will have to wait a bit....

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