Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nehi ate my birthday cupcake!

Mom and Dad brought down a cupcake and candle for me for my birthday when we came home from dinner.
Nehi obviously thought it was for her, as she knocked her head into the plate, sent the cupcake to the carpet. Dad recovered it, and lit the candle, but it was covered in Nehi fur, so I wasn't going to eat it.
Nehi did.
I at least unwrapped the cupcake first. Didn't seem to make a difference, as she quickly snagged the paper and ate that too.
I was able to rescue the Winnie the Pooh candle before she ate that though.

She constrained herself the rest of the time to ripping apart the tissue paper my presents came in. It obviously didn't taste good, as she would chew it and then spit it out on the floor.

She then tried to eat the sweater that Mom gave me.

Happy Birthday me!

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