Monday, January 18, 2010

You Keep Working On That...

I was bored out of my skull the other day when I had to take Mom up to Norfolk Sentara on Wednesday. We left a little after 6a, had to check her in by 9a, waited two hours for the procedure to start, it was 1230p before she was done, there was a two hour recovery time, then over to the neurosurgeon where we waited over an hour and forty five minutes to be seen, then were out of there around 5p, got stuck in Norfolk rush hour, and home after 7p. I'm exhausted by the sheer depth of what I could write about the failures of our healthcare system, so instead, I'll leave you with this little tidbit:
While I waited for Mom's procedure and recovery to be done (she was asleep for most of it), I wandered out for a smoke to kill the excessive time.

These signs are everywhere, and I had to take a picture. I even had the caption already in my head- You keep working on that, I'll be over here smoking.

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