Saturday, December 12, 2009

What did Nehi eat?

Today as I tried to clean and decorate for the Christmas party, Nehi had other ideas.
She ate the stuffed snowmall and scattered styrofoam innards everywhere also one of those fake, decorative everygreen things.
Last night she ate my Return of the Jedi C3-PO and my Darth Vader wind up toy.

Since I've gotten her she has eaten or destroyed the following:
the footboard on my bed
the remote
buttons off of my sweaters and flannel shirts and pants
my sneakers
my high heels
the insoles on my clogs
her lead
stuffed animals
the laundry hamper (actually, she just rips the guts out of them and then plays with the dessicated corpse)
the couch pillows
my down pillows
the cord to the vaccum cleaner
my book for Advent
my lighter
my case for my Buffy DVDs
my cigarettes
my socks
any book she could reach
my corn plants
my tomato plants
my cantaloupe plants
my jasmine plants
my hybiscus plant
pinecones (number too numerous to keep track of!)
plastic planters
both doormats
the plastic rubber duckies that used to stick on my shower wall
the number 5 key on my laptop
magnets off the fridge
Mom's stuffed reindeer
a plastic piggy bank
a roll of wrapping paper

It seems like a long list of destruction. And yet, I wouldn't trade a single moment of her. I guess it's true that the best surprises come where you don't expect them.

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