Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decade in Review

I started the year of 2000 working in Atlanta as a freelance theatre electrician. I ended it as the production master electrician of The Joseph Papp Public Theatre/Shakespeare in the Park. I rang in 2001 in Times Square, almost got trambled by a mounted policeman and never got close enough to see the ball drop.
I ended 2001 as a New York City teacher.
2002 saw me in the worst, most unhealthy relationship ever. But I managed to escape with my sanity (barely) and got another tattoo (#4).
2003 saw me in my first New York apartment on my own.
2004 saw me in the move of death from Brooklyn to NC, a theatre teacher in NC, living with Mom and Dad again. It also saw me get my Masters of Science in Education.
2005 got me another tattoo, this one courtesy of my students (#5).
2006 saw me switch to teaching English only. I also drove cross country by myself for the first time, attended Bread Loaf: Santa Fe and got to see Alcatraz.
2007 was my second summer of Bread Loaf: Santa Fe, another tattoo (#6), a trip to Monterey and another cross country trip.
2008 was my first Bread Loaf: Vermont summer, yet another tattoo (#7) and a year of house hunting.
2009 saw me buy my first house, get a puppy, go to Hawaii, another trip to Monterey and achieve my National Board Certification.

What will 2010 hold? Well I can hope:
-North Carolina gives us our salary increase
-my last summer at Bread Loaf
-someone will actually start reading this blog
-an adjunct position at the local community college
-the first stamp in my passport (they stamp it if you go to Canada right?)
-a fully landscaped yard
-health and happiness